Sabina Lisievici, born on 29th August 1990, is a Romanian poet and fashion designer. Apart from written books and her roles in advertisements and television projects, in 2016 she becomes known in the fashion world as well.


Daughter of a Romanian father and a Russian mother, she discovered her passion for art from an early age. Such as, at the age of 8, she wrote her first poem. At the age of 12, she published her first poetry book. Because of her early success and national recognition, she was motivated to publish in the next few years another three poetry books.


Another discovery that Sabina Lisievici made from a young age was her personal style of clothing, starting to play with, and transform, her grandmother's and mother's clothes, mixing them with fantasy into ideas which had never been seen until then. A result of this passion was her avant-garde style, which would become an inspiration for many other future artists and designers.


At the age of 16, even though she was offered many roles in advertisements and television projects, she did not forget her old passion, fashion and design, and in 2015 she decided to continue following her dream of becoming a designer. Her love of exceptional materials and never-seen-before outfits has grown during this period, so much that she decided to start a career from this.


In 2015 she completed an interior design course which had taken three years. During that time, she lays down the foundation of her dream to found and register her own fashion brand. She made it a personal objective to work only with the best Italian leather to offer quality and originality. Her smart-elegant and eccentric style became the signature of her brand.


 Short time after launching her brand, Sabina Lisievici will have presented her first autumn-winter collection during the Evening Fashion Gala 17/18 in Bucharest and a month later, in Cluj-Napoca during City Fashion Week. Her collections made a big impression and were warmly welcomed by the audience.


Nowadays, her brand offers not only everyday-wear clothing, but outfits for special occasions as well.